Practicing awareness in human interactions

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animated-monkey-image-0241Yesterday a small incident happened at work that threw me totally off guard. In an instant, burning upset came over me and I could even feel its heat all over my face.

The more the other person wanted to talk about what I saw as a minor issue, the more I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing both externally and internally. So I decided I will find out what was really hiding in the roots that made this incident happen.

So being a natural analyzer and dissector, my mind went on duty full time. Regardless of what I was up to, the mind was focused on the “issue”. I couldn’t remember the last time I wasn’t able to fall asleep because I felt that much profound emotion (by the way, this time it was a feeling of confusion while earlier it might have been mostly negative in such staying-awake nights), but last night I certainly stayed up until at least 2am with my mind still trying to digest and find out that root cause that managed to shake me.

After a bit of digestion, I did find out the cause and sent the following message to the person, with whom part of the incident happened and let him know that I had dissected the whole thing and was ready for a call if he was available. 2


Then this morning, I found below video, which gives an amazing guidance on how to deal with incidents like that of yesterday. And the good news is that it turns out I can use such shaking incidents as ones that grow my consciousness and awareness.

So enjoy the guidance below. 1

And at my end, I am curious to know what further experiences will help me cleanse.


Feel wonderful! 


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