May I have constant Inspirations plz?

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Last night I watched Wayne Dyer‘s below talk on the subject of Calling and I enjoyed every second of watching it. The whole talk was delicious! Just delicious!


From the many great stories, the one that stuck on my mind was that of receiving showering Inspiration from above. Lately, when I go about my business, I have been aware of Inspiration when it was inside me. But when I heard the story of Mozart‘s writing of symphonies, I recognized that I want that much Inspiration, perhaps even on a constant basis.


Why do I want that much Inspiration?

Quite simply, it just feels awesome! The work gets done magically, the result comes out mind-blowingly good, the process is so much fun and you just feel so alive!


So yeah, I want that much showering Inspiration and here is the talk that inspired it. 2

Feel wonderful! 


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