The 5 Stages of Awakening

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In 3 days’ time, on the St. Valentine’s day, I will have my one year anniversary of walking on the spiritual path. Since the start of the path, I have undergone through profound inner changes and it turns out that they are ones of awakening.

In below recording, 5 stages of awakening are explained and as of this moment, I happen to be going through the stage 3, which the recording implies as the stage of “ego death“.

Just like described in the recording, my major goal as well as challenge these days is that of letting go resistance. Also I no longer look outside for happiness, but don’t know how to find it permanently within yet. Lastly, I could feel that the death of ego is approaching.

Having been through confusing times over the past one year, I am happy to know that beautiful stages 4 and 5 are on the horizon.


Feel wonderful! 



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