So Ascension it is!

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For the past 7 months, I have been walking on a strange and rather lonely journey. When it started, I had published the post titled “What are Chakras?” Since then I have gone through several different phases. In the first phase, the third-eye, throad, heart and crown chakras started swirling inside my body. I could feel the swirls as tangible as a physical ball is swirling inside my body.

Then I started channeling an ancestor’s spirit. One day he started speaking through my voice while I talked to him through my thoughts. And because I really really didn’t want to channel anyone’s spirit, I had to beg him several times to leave and he left.

After he left, my heart and throat chakras were cleared. Lots of past hurts and pains surfaced and they were let go through understanding and forgiveness. Then I wrote stories such as “My Father: The Source of All…“.

Then I happened to come across this thing called “Transformational Breathing“. When I attended several sessions, my lower three chakras were activated and started with a cleansing process. This process took nearly 3 months and each one of those chakras had a unique way of cleansing. When the solar plexus chakra cleansed, lots of odorless natural-gas-like gas came up from that chakra area and went out of my throat forcefully. When the sacral chakra cleansed, lots of coughing took place. Sometimes the coughing was so long and hard as if I had a heavy flu. With the root chakra, there has been lots of yawning during the transformation breathing sessions, but not much after that. So perhaps it’s not fully cleansed. I don’t know….

Then the huge drama started happening in my head. Lots of strong vortexes spin in my head, sometimes so strong and gives pain.


In the beginning, I was able to suppress the spinning and be able to deal with it after work. But then it got to a point where it is nonstop and my colleagues noticed it. Worried, they asked me to see a doctor, and when I had a full body check-up, I was 100% healthy, of course.

Sometimes the spinning energy is so strong and I am not able to do anything. So in one of those days when I couldn’t go to work, I sought helped from one of Facebook groups, where there are thousands of spiritually advanced people from all over the world. And below was my post:


To help me, so many people posted different tips and guidance, but I didn’t feel like doing any one of them. So I just decided to totally surrender to the process and wait for it to move to the next phase….

By the way, when I need to explain what is happening inside my head and body, I find words way too inadequate to explain. So then I wish I could at least draw the swirling energies so that people know what I am going through.


And starting from 2 days ago, the process seems to be moving unto the next phase. How do I know it?

If before, the energies where solely spinning inside my head, sometimes communicating with the solar plexus chakra or the sacral chakra, now I feel strong pulling-like feelings on my neck and pinching-like sensations in different parts of my back. So I am curious to see how the next phase will develop.

You know, in the beginning I was thinking that only my chakras were to open and get cleansed, and that’s it. But what is happening lately seems to give clue to something way larger underway. 5 days ago, I found this article named “Kundalini Rising & The Rewiring Process” on Facebook and many of the symptoms match those of what’s happening inside my body. So I thought “Oh my brain is rewiring! Soon my body is to rewire as well!

Then today I came across below recording which explains why that rewiring is happening. 2

Again the symptoms mentioned in this recording match many of those happening to me, so now I am getting convinced that what is called “Ascension” is happening to me. To be frank, I am little “suffering” throughout the whole process as many times it is unpleasant and painful. There are so many things I want to do in my free time, but all I can do in the evening or the weekend is mostly to sit or lie on my bed or sofa and let the process take place with as little intervention at my end as possible.

So this is a strange part of my otherwise beautiful life these past few months and that is also the reason why I write posts so sparsely these days.


Feel wonderful! 



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