Baby Bella, my language idol

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Recently I discovered Baby Bella, who speaks 7 languages at the age of 4. When a child is that young, it must be difficult for her to speak 2 languages even. But 7? Baby Bella must be a genius!

Watch below video to see the miracle for your eyes! 2

Inspired by Baby Bella, I appointed her as my language idol. And if you know about me, I also like to learn foreign languages.

The next language I am going to focus on is Chinese. Over 4 years ago, I did study Chinese for a semester. But due to life cycle changes, I had to put it on hold for a while. And now determined to resume, last weekend I brought my Chinese books from Germany (where they were being kept) along with my other books. See. 1


Talking about languages, at present I speak 6 languages at different levels, and if I add Chinese, my language collection will become 7 just like Baby Bella‘s. However, without speaking all 7 languages fluently, I really don’t like to boast.

But I have a dream, a dream to speak all 7 languages fluently and I am giving my dream 5 more years to materialize. And if I can do that, finally I will be able to say that I speak English, German, Mongolian, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian and Chinese. So please wish me good luck!


Feel wonderful! 


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