From Ambition to Meaning

Dear world,

It has been exactly one year since I went on a journey within a journey. First, I didn’t know what I was up to. All I knew was that when I moved to Frankfurt and wanted to change career, I wanted to do something meaningful. I didn’t know what that meaningful job would be, all I knew was that a voice within me kept telling me “I want to do something meaningful!“. And as it turned out, that’s exactly what I ended up doing and expanded even beyond it.

In below movie titled “From Ambition to Meaning“, Wayne Dyer shows and explains how everyone eventually needs to shift from ambition to meaning. When Wayne says “meaning“, don’t get him wrong! By “meaning“, in essence, he means “ambition with meaning“.

Earlier I had been what people called a “successful corporate girl”, but when I reached what seemed to be the pinnacle of “success”, I had found myself utterly empty and unhappy. So I left home and went on a journey to find what fills that huge hole inside me.

It was quite a journey and eventually I found what fills that hole. And below movie shows what exactly I found. 1

So enjoy the movie! You could be on this journey, even if you may not know it.

And here are my notes from the movie:

  • People wrongly and subconsciously make the following associations:
    • I am what I have.
    • I am what I do.
    • I am my reputation (what others think who I am).
    • Who I am is separate from everybody else.
    • Who I am is separate from God.
  • Surrender. Be guided. Let yourself be lived by it.
  • Ego & attachments lead us the wrong way.
  • Shifting to a higher place.
  • The meaning of the word “Enthuasism” in Greek means “God within”.
  • Once you shift to higher awareness, synchronicities become the norm.
  • The followings become women’s priority after change occurs:
    • Own personal growth
    • Selse of self-esteem
    • Spirituality
    • Happiness
    • Forgiveness
  • Virtues:
    • Reverence for all of life
    • Sincerity
    • Gentleness (kindness)
    • Supportiveness (service)
  • Purpose is found in service.
  • Just one day put your attention on making life better for someone else. If you can focus on thinking like that, that’s how God thinks.
  • To touch someone’s life is more valuable than any amount of money.
  • Ask “How may I serve?”
  • Not being attached to outcome, but being attached to service.
  • Asking “How can I serve?” and living by it is living with meaning.
  • Surrender.

Feel wonderful! 


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