The tool for Life Balance check

Good evening world!

Thanks to Brilliance Within, today I became aware of the tool known as “The Wheel of Life“. As soon as I saw the tool, I was blown away by its potential to show the big picture balance of my life. So as per the instructions given in below video, I drew my wheel, and as you could imagine, the balance wasn’t perfect. However, I am going to use today’s drawing as the base line comparison for  future balance checks.

Since I discovered “the Scale of Consciousness“, I have been using it almost on weekly basis to gauge my spiritual development. In the same way, I am going to use the Wheel of Life as a resourceful tool to bring my life to balance. And once in balance, I think all areas of my life should run smoothly like a perfectly round-shaped wheel.



Feel wonderful! 



  1. Fantastic Bella – thanks for the link! I’m delighted you’ve found the wheel of life useful as I have to say I’ve used it myself and also for hypnotherapy clients very successfully for many years.. As you say, it gives a visual image of areas to work on and a ‘base point’ to refer back to. It is something that can be regularly re-done as things in life ‘change’ and it can soon knock something out of balance again. I’m intrigued by your scale of consciousness and will be taking a look at this for myself too.. I’m really chuffed you’ve used this tool and found it helpful! xx

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