Do what makes you come ALIVE moment by moment

Good evening world! animated-mermaid-image-0020

I have just watched the below video of Oprah and the poet Mark Nepo that gives the clue to being most alive and happy in life. And that clue is doing the thing that makes you come alive in any moment.

Life is dynamic, so what makes us come alive should naturally be changing. So as a principle, Mark suggests in below video that if doing something makes you feel alive, just do it and do not try to become the doer of that thing. For example, he says, “If you love singing, just sing and do not try to become a singer!“.

Listening to this simple, yet profound advice, has just resolved a lot of unclarity and undecisiveness at my end. For instance, I should keep writing my blog posts just because I love writing them and not try in any way to become a successful blogger. If writing takes me there, so be it! Otherwise, I am just happy to be writing and sharing with you.

So now you go ahead and listen to the pearl of wisdom for yourself! It’s a 2min 35mins well invested.



Feel wonderful! 


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