Changing our STORIES to heal & liberate

Good day world! How you all doing? a5080d051bc207b2b13200a1892b3c10

I just watched below profound session of Oprah‘s Life Class with Iyanla Vanzant. The subject matter of the session is “Stopping the Pain” and after finishing the whole 81min show, now I am standing in ovation for the whole experience.

The key lesson is that the stories we keep telling ourselves cause the actual pains and as soon as we see through the old stories and discard and replace them with new stories, the pain naturally stops and healing takes place.

Some of the demonstrations in this video are done with people with extreme conditions or situations; however, I guarantee that you will find some parts of yourself in everyone’s story. So please watch it and let its magic heal and liberate you for good.

Feel wonderful! 


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