What is Wealth?

Good day world! sun

I am happily walking on my  wisdom journey and last night my inner person told me that I should find out the real meaning of wealth. So as soon as I woke up this morning, I started searching for its meaning and I think I found it.

In essence, wealth seems to be the consequence of creating values all around oneself, preferably with ripple effects. In other words, creating values is the cause and the wealth is the effect.

When I say “creating values“, it must sound very general to you…. You know, two days ago I got the meaning of “creating values” in a very deep way. So if I run into a video that explains exactly what I got, I will share it with you.

And in general, I keep planting great seeds in the garden of my mind and I think Lao Tzu is with me on that. 1


And below is the best video I found on the subject of wealth. It is a 85min-long movie and worth every second for those, who are seeking wealth as well.

The best concept that stood out for me from the video was that problems are only opportunities requiring solutions. So instead of looking for opportunities, one should look for problems. And in essence, a businessperson is a problem solver, who solves problems for a profit

And seeing “problems” and “problem solving” in this light was immensely enlightening to me as, instead of being upset when problems occur, now I can see them as the very reason for being in business and get excited about them.   


Feel wonderful! 


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