The Science of Getting Rich

Good day world!

So I have found us THE book that finally makes it crystal clear that the nature of life is to increase, expand and get rich. Therefore, it’s the natural instinct of everyone and everything to be attracted to those thing that increase and expand them. And from that fact, many things follow….

Since I discovered it last night, I have read and listened to it only once. And perhaps, after I have read and listened to it many times and grasped the full context and potential of the book, then maybe I will write a proper book review on it.

Until then, it is good to highlight that, as per this book, unless we think thoughts that are contrary to this true nature, we will all naturally increase, expand and get rich in every areas of our life, especially on the financial front.

The name of the book is “The Science of Getting Rich” and this 106-year old book (published in 1906) is THE textbook, from which most of the present day wealth and abudance couches and gurus have taken their lessons from.

If you like to read a book, click here to download the free PDF version: 

And if you prefer to listen to a book, here is the full audio version of the book:

So now that we have the science explained in such a good detail, let us all go out and get rich in every areas of our lives!


Feel wonderful! 



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