What I Stand For

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Tomorrow evening I am scheduled to deliver a 3-min business pitch titled “What I stand for“. When I ask myself the question “What do I stand for?“, there are so many answers depending on the context. However, if I am forced to pick the most important and the most general one, I think I will pick “love“. So in the following sections, let me explain why and how so.

It has been about 9 months since I started asking the big questions of life and finding their answers one after the other. Examples of big questions I asked were “What is my full potential?“, “What is energy?“, “How can we attain inner peace?” and “Who is genius?” etc. Also besides the answers to my big questions, I learnt so much about the Universe and my place in it. So to enlist the most important findings of my exploration:

First of all, I found out that everything in the Universe is energy. That is, the material objects that we see as well as the invisible things such as our thoughts, feelings, smell, sound, etc are all energy. And the only difference between the different forms of energy is the frequency at which they are vibrating.


Then I learnt that in the Universe, energy attracts other forms of energy that are vibrating at the same frequency and it is known as “The Law of Attraction“. And being a universal law, just like “The Law of Gravity“, “The Law of Attraction” works whether we consciously know about it or not.

And further I found out that our thoughts and feelings determine the frequencies at which we vibrate, and we attract to our experiences those things, people, events and circumstances that are of the same frequencies as our dominant thoughts and feeings. So in essence, nothing in our life is an accident, but one of our own creation.


And once I knew that, being able to control and choose my thoughts became of a paramount importance. Our thoughts determine our feelings, therefore, being able to consciously think good thoughts is the key.

Then I found out that meditation is the most effective tool to learn to control our thoughts. So I practiced it twice daily for 15 minutes each session. First trying not to think anything was almost impossible, but after 4 months, now I have gotten pretty good at being in control of my thoughts, hence my feelings also.


And going yet deeper, I learnt that the feelings of love and gratitude are of the highest frequencies in the Universe, and when we maintain those feelings, we naturally tap into the infinite potential of the Universe; hence our own potential becomes infinite.

So how do we maintain the feelings of love and gratitude? The feeling of love is best achieved by exposing ourselves to the things and people that we naturally love. And the feeling of gratitude is best attained by appreciating the things and people that we have in our life.

So how does it all relate to business?

It relates to business when it comes to what we do. Do you remember that almost all successful people encourage us to do what we love? Do you remember Steve Jobs‘ quote:


So because doing what we love increases our potential to greatness and ultimately infinite, I stand for love at Toastmasters and outside Toastmasters. And I suggest that you consider it as well! 🙂

Feel wonderful! 


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