My Mary Kay Ash

It is so strange that sometimes you love someone, whom you have never met, so strongly and sometimes you even discover them long after death, but can’t stop falling in love with them. And one of such people in my life is Mary Kay Ash.

41R902iI2tL._UY250_I discovered Mary Kay Ash in 2006 when I was a serial biography-reader. Back then I used to devour biographies after biographies of famous and successful people. When I discovered her, Mary Kay Ash had left the earth 5 years earlier. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from falling in love with her through her autobiography.

Her autobiography had a pink cover and that color represented the tone of her writing. Just like pink color, the tone of her writing was ultra feminine and heartfelt. Just as she was in business with a mission to empower women, she wrote to empower women. And boy, did I use to feel empowered when I read her words! 

The copy of the book that I had must be kept safely at my parents house now. And maybe one day I will have a home library or a museum, and if I have one, Mary Kay Ash‘s autobiography will definitely take a center stage among my biography collections.

To the reader of this story, I would still call to read her autobiography. The book itself might be outdated, but her words are timeless and priceless. So to help you get a taste of who she was, here I would like to share some of her quotes:









Coming to the final words, I ask myself, “Have I tried Mary Kay cosmetics?” I think the answer is “No” and I am ok with that. Even though her products weren’t within my reach to make my face beautiful, her beautiful words made my mind beautiful and that’s what I needed back then and still need today.

Feel wonderful! 


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