Very very good to be reminded of that!

If there is something I have learnt to excel at lately, it is saying “No”. Saying “No” to people, things and responsibilities that seem less than ideal. Earlier if I had committed to someone or something, I would keep on keeping on as my sense of loyalty and responsibility is naturally quite strong. However, now I have learnt to say “No” confidently, knowing that I am making room for someone and something even greater.


And when I say “No” and keep cutting out less-than-ideal people, things and responsibilities out of my life, some observers seem to see it as a failure.


But I have a goal. I have a goal of surrounding myself only with the people whom I love and do the things that I love.


And ultimately, I want to create a lifestyle that allows me to do anything and everything that I want to do. Like visiting my family and friends around the world anytime I want to visit them, especially on their special occasions…. And being able to take a break from work after putting in intense focused efforts…. Putting out the best products and services on the market and being proud of those “brain children”, etc.


So these days I am waiting to receive an “idea” that will get me started towards creating my ideal lifestyle.


Talking about ideas, I have entertained so many of them over the past few months. But the thing is that I cannot force the best one to pop out as soon as I want it to.


But I am getting there slowly, but surely.


In the meantime, I keep making myself a better person and trust that the investment will be worth it.


Feel wonderful! 


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