If only people can BE that…

Being Yourself. This sounds easy, but it is not easy to BE one. In fact, I think, many people are too shy or afraid to be themselves or they don’t clearly know who their real selves are. And if you ask me, I fell in the latter category.

How so? 

Ever since I started my career life, I have been constantly surprising myself with what comes out of me. Before career life, there was the student life and that was pretty straight forward. But career life is rich, sometimes even rich with crazy events. A new circumstance or a situation at work always means a new trigger for me, and that actives new things that I didn’t know about myself.


Surely there are characteristics that I was born with and will die with. Characteristics such as fearlessness, resilience and clumsiness are innate in me and I have even written a story about it.


But the interesting thing is that what is innate in my character is just the tip of the iceberg and they are always visible. Visible to me and everyone else. But if I go down the surface, there is so much more to me and I keep exploring.

And when I explore myself now, I just try to figure out what feels right to me. And of course, establishing an awesome relationship with my inner child has helped me immensely as, at the end of the day, that is who I seem to be deep down. So I just listen to her voice now and trust that she knows what she is up to.


And my inner child is very picky. She likes only positive  things and people and has no interest in anything and anyone negative that could potentially ruin her inner peace and beautiful world.

Sounds snobbish? 

Well, that’s her taste and she has a high standard!


And by the way, when she goes about her life, my inner child really really doesn’t care about what anybody else thinks of her.


And I think that’s the best FREEDOM of all! So now I want to be just like my inner child


… and only do the things that feels good to her.


Feel wonderful! 


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