Yes! Why be a Copy anyway!

I have always believed that I was born to be a businesswoman. Hence, I always associated myself with a business or two for all my career life. Accordingly, when I moved to Frankfurt from Berlin, I came here thinking that I was going to associate myself with yet another business.

But the unexpected happened. By that I mean, I became my own business. Initially, I did intend to find a new job, but after a while I totally lost my desire, and at some point, I even wondered if I had retired just like that. But looking back what seemed like the failing efforts and internal conflict turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.


While first looking for a job and then trying to make myself look for a job, I kept myself happily amused by my Gifts&Miracles. New city and new life meant no friends and no colleagues, so pretty much all alone I was by myself except for my Mr.Special’s visits from a nearby town.

Hooked on my Gifts&Miracles, I started sharing interesting things with Linda. And after a while, I discovered that there is an inner child inside me, who was enjoying my activities on Gifts&Miracles above anyone else including myself.

So I started paying attention to that inner child and let her express herself on Gifts&Miracles. First she was self-expressive, then she became creative. And enjoying her creativity, I became her best friend and the loudest cheerleader. And the more I appreciated and applauded her, the more creative she became.


Then trusting and appreciating her, I started to let my inner child come out in other areas of my life. And boy, did she love that! 


My inner child loved her newly-let life so much that she started creating beautiful things all around my life.


And by now I have activated my inner child so strongly that I don’t have the heart to let her down. Let alone send her back! And when she wants something, she really wants it and I can’t help it. So I go along with all of her desires.


And because she is an inner child and never lived in a society before, she has no concept of working or earning a living. Instead, she just lives and lives happily ever after.


And the more I get to know my inner child, the more she surprises me. It seems like there is no limit to her brilliance and potential. In the beginning, I tried to define and understand her, but now I just let her be herself. Her brilliance and potential seems to be just out of my comprehension….


So how did I discover my inner child and how can you discover your inner child?

By being alone and by having as much me-time as possible. By turning down the noises of the world. By not letting anyone else or any job or profession define you. And when you can do that, you will hear the voice of your inner child, who may have been trying to catch your attention all along.



Feel wonderful! 


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