Where is Happiness? How to get there?

Hello world!

Today I would like to tell you my story about loving and show you how I learnt to access happiness with the help of it.

It was exactly the night of this day 19th of August last year when the idea of starting a German language blog came flying into my mind. The idea came as the result of me looking for ways to bring myself to practicing German language on a daily basis. And when the idea hit my mind, it shook me so strongly with excitement that I had to get out of my bed, buy the domain name and write a “Hello world!” message before I was able to go to sleep.


Then that German blog lead me to creating a general blog with a general name, where Linda and I could share just about anything that we like with each other and we named it “Gifts&Miracles“. The moment we thought of the name, we fell in love with “Gifts&Miracles” and nurtured it every day like a baby plant.


The more we loved “Gifts&Miracles“, the further it expanded. And the further it expanded, the greater it expanded me and Linda. And among the many ways it expanded me, it is my newly-acquired writing skill that truly blows my mind.


Now when I write, the right words come out of my mind totally effortlessly. All I need to do is to open my notebook when the inspiration is there and the rest just flows by itself as if I am channelling.


And the more I wrote, the deeper I went inside myself. And the deeper I went inside myself, the more and more happiness I found there.


And as I kept loving and nurturing our “Gifts&Miracles“, some people thought that I was only playing, perhaps even wasting my time.


But regardless of what anyone else thinks, nurturing what I love has brought me to happiness. So now I can confidently say that love is the key to happiness and it doesn’t matter what you love because, as long as you love, it will eventually open the door to happiness for you.


Feel wonderful! 



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