Thinking loud with Walt Disney’s quotes

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Today I am resonating with Walt Disney. So let me show you how my thoughts are resonating with him through his quotes.

In the last two months, Linda and I explored the importance of thoughts and beliefs. And once we found out that they create our realities, we started taking control of our thoughts and beliefs. Then in the last week, we started dreaming. In fact, dreaming really big.


And now I feel like the time to take action is approaching as we are itching to put what we have learnt over the past few months into practice.


But this time I do not want to get lost in action like I did in my last job. Instead, I want to have the time and space to dream up a good life and let the dreams inspire my actions.


Remember that I want to leave behind a Legacy? So I need to dream really big.


And of course, to become a woman of Legacy, I need to do something that I really really love.


Certainly, that thing that I love really really much is BUSINESS. But this time I want to be in BUSINESS with an intention to create FunSatisfaction and Prosperity in the world.


And I myself want to live as the symbol of human potential, which is unlimited.


So how do I get started and get going? I say, “through explorations“. Exploring anything and everything that is of interest.


And by the way, exploring is something I have been doing intensely in the past one year. And it makes life so interesting!
graphics-mickey-mouse-01931110Through my explorations, I have discovered something. Something very big. And that is the power of Media. Media in all forms–written, audio and video. Especially the social Media such as Facebook. As a content-creator, I have personally experienced Media as a powerful tool to resonate with people and touch them. So the idea that I could purposefully use Media as my magic stick was my “Mickey Mouse” moment!


Therefore, I am thinking of starting my action with a Media form and let its magic lead me to all the great places I want to go/experience/be at and reach out to all the awesome people I want to connect/communicate/collaborate with.


So now the question is “Which specific Media?” And I am on the way to find out.


Feel wonderful! 


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