My journey through Oprah’s quotes

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I would like to take you on my journey of the last few months through Oprah‘s quotes. So please make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

The journey started pretty much when I came across a thing called “Calling“. (Click here to read what I wrote back then.) So having been convinced by Oprah on what she has to tell about “Calling“, I went ahead in search of it.


Then I went ahead exploring myself and doing things that I was naturally drawn to. Then the explorations turned into what looks like an unpaid fulltime job.


After a few months, first I found Myself. And by now, I am really starting to own Myself.


And when I started to own Myself, below message of Oprah is naturally becoming my existance without any pretentions or efforts.


And I agree with Oprah on below quote. You may question me on this, but that’s what I am for, for sure. Otherwise, why exist in the first place?


And below quote is so empowering. I love it!


Last two nights, Linda and I drew a very grand and clear vision for ourselves. So we are very amused and inspired by the vision right now.



This below quote is great because I had stopped caring about “success” anyway. (You ask why? This is why, click here.) Coming to the “significance” part, it’s not exactly the word I would use. Mine is more like “importance, impact and influence”.


And because of wanting to be of “importance, impact and influence”, there is no going into the night quietly for me.


At the end of the day, I am like everyone else–wanting to live the life of my dreams. But unlike some people, I don’t let fear stop me.



Feel wonderful! 


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