Thinking through Steve Jobs’ quotes

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Yesterday and today I have totally obsessed over Steve Jobs‘ quotes as they resonated with me so strongly. So I would like to pick up where I left off yesterday and take you through my thought process on Steve Jobs‘ quotes.

If you recall, yesterday, we finished off with below part of a longer quote2


After having collected all of his popular quotes and having read them over and over again, I decided that the one in the header photo is the single most powerful quote of Steve Jobs. So to apply the lesson to my life, this morning I swore to myself to keep following my heart and intuition (to see the evidence, click here).

Therefore, from now on, I will consciously try my very best to not let the noise of others’ opinions (especially my mom’s!) as well as the noises coming from my head to drown out my inner voice.

steve jobs quotes

Until today, the noises in my head have been offering me so many great ideas for the future. But as much as they are great, each idea will take almost a lifetime to complete. Hence, I needed to cut down on the ideas, but it had been hard to pick one.


At the end of the day, we will all depart from this earth. Therefore, my greatest wish is to live a truly wonderful life while I am here.


Ideally, I want to have a career that will blow my mind every day with wonderful creations and experiences, and keep me infatuated and believing in it for the rest of my life.


Fortunately, today I came up with the vision for such a career. But when I look at the vision of me in that career, it looks like I need to totally reinvent myself.


So far in life, what I did turned out pretty good for the most part. But to do something wonderful, I need to throw away the past (especially the past beliefs of who I am and what I am capable of doing).


Without telling you what my vision is, I know it sounds all too mysterious. But please trust that the dots will connect in my future posts as the events unfold as per my decision for the new career.  


Feel wonderful! 



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