Love is the Energy of Life

Hello my friends! 253

I have just found a video that demonstrates the truth of below gospel and I wanted to share it with you immediately.


In below video, the ModernHealthMonk takes two examples to demonstrate that what happens in the mind determines energy level. But listening to him talk, my inner person couldn’t stop herself from wanting to correct him.

And the correction is that in his two examples, it’s not what is happening in the mind that determines the energy level, but what is happening in the heart that determines everything including energy level.


So please listen to the ModernHealthMonk‘s talk for yourself and make your own judgement on the issue.

So if you have watched the video, who do you side with in this case? The mind or the heart?

I trust that the choice is the heart and I trust that you choose to do only the things that you love and be with the people, whom you love. When we achieve that, we have all the energy in the world to feel wonderful and celebrate life all the time!

Do what you love

Feel wonderful! 


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