Happy 4-Year Anniversary to Myself!

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Today is a very special day for me. It is the 4-year anniversary of me setting out to follow my BIG dreams…

This morning started with me liking and sharing Chinese music on Facebook and really connecting with almost every single Chinese music I listened… Then I found myself getting extremely emotional for no reason… I tried to understand why, but had no idea… Then only after I had made below post on Facebook, did it dawn on me…


Yes, after having made below post, it dawned on me that today is exactly the 4-year anniversary of me leaving Mongolia for good and setting out to explore the world and make my mark on it…

As I told you in an earlier story, I got on my journey when an idea shot in my mind like a star… And by the time, the idea swelled in my chest, nothing could stop me. I was going to leave for my dreams… And that decision was made in a matter of half an hour…

Then I came to Beijing to learn Chinese and to be with Linda… And when my mom and grandpa (Linda‘s grandpa too) came to visit me in Beijing for my 30th birthday, we all had many pictures taken together and the one in the header was one of them.

Now, the point of this post is not to tell you the details of my journey, but to appreciate the long road I have come along… So I am just sitting here and taking in all that I have been through in these daring 4 years in different parts of the world…


As you might know, when I came to Frankfurt, I had started a new chapter in my book of life. And with this post, I am finishing that chapter of the book as well as the book itself. And of course, you must be asking “Why?”

And the answer is that from now on my life is not a 2D book, but a 3D movie, where I script my story, direct my movie and act as the leading actress. See below. 2


So now that I am closing the book for good, I would like to thank everyone and every place that have been part of my life in the past 4 years! It is the love and support as well as the challenges and pains that you gave me along my journey, I found the One precious thing that I can’t trade with anything else in the whole world and that is I found Myself! So I truly appreciate you all and I trust that your journeys will be as rewarding as well!


Feel wonderful! 



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