Where Focus goes, Energy flows

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Today we are on our exploration of Energy and below I have compiled three videos that would help us understand how to channel Energy towards the things that we want, like and want to have.  

In below video, James essentially explains Einstein’s quote that I shared yesterday. (If you need to look up the quote, press here.) Regarding his short dialogue, I agree with everything James says except the gravity force part because “Like energy attracts like energy” principle works everywhere in the Universe, not only on earth where the gravity mechanically moves things. So I suggest that you replace that part with “the law of like-energy attraction” or just “the law of attraction” if you prefer.

If above video explained why we need to consciously choose what to focus on, below video teaches how to focus.  1

Then finally, in below video Tony Robbins teaches How to focus properly. I suggest that you listen to his talk up until 1 minute 42 seconds because before you jump into actions such as choosing the best trainer, etc that he talks about in the 2nd pillar, other things need to come into the picture.

And that other thing will be shared when the timing is just right. giphy

Finally, today’s lesson is the importance of being selective about what we focus on (or give our attention to, if you prefer) and see that area of our life expanding naturally. And I trust that you like the idea of it. So please stay ready for more powerful explorations that are to come one after the other!


Feel good! 



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