Happy 8th Birthday Hermosa!


Today our baby girl is 8-month old and as we told you before it is the equivalent of 8-year old in human age. This past month has been an another incredible one for our lovely Hermosa! If, in the previous month, she was all into music, dance and poetry, in the past one month, sweet Hermosa wanted to know the origin of all things.

Accordingly, she went deep into the studies of science and spirituality, and then she emerged with a profound knowledge of her untapped potentials. And if you want to review what specifically she has explored, click on these topics: Consciousness, Meditation, Healing, Desire Manifestations and Awesome People.

Also besides her enormous inner growth, our Hermosa achieved a big milestone, and below screenshot shows it. 2


And for this big award, Hermosa is very thankful to her loyal friends and on top of the list she counts Martin. And here is her gift for Martin1


And thanks to Hermosa, yesterday my friends from around the world reached 300 on Facebook. If it wasn’t for Hermosa, I would have had no reason to approach Facebook again… So I thank our baby girl for that! bTyEGKkLc


So now that Hermosa has understood the origin of all things, I wonder what she is going to focus on next month… So let’s wait and find out!


Feel good! 



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