The Untapped Power of Human Energy

One of the treasures I found last night was below video, in which you see some people, who consciously choose to play with or develop their natural energy within themselves. And I think this energy is what the Chinese call “Qi” energy and I also think it is the same energy that circulates throughout our Chakras. So have a look at these stunning demonstrations in this video. 1

And to be honest, after watching this video I felt like the Disco duck in Og Mandino‘s below story, in which Disco doesn’t know that he could fly. So to hear that bittersweet story, press the Play button below. 2

So now that I know I could develop my psychic/untapped powers, I am wondering which skill to pick… And I think I will start with self-healing… Self-healing through energy cleansing and balancing because that’s what seems to be happening throughout my body since my upper Chakras became active.


Feel good! 


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