“Qi” Energy revisited

Late in December of last year, I came across the concept of “Qi” energy for the first time. And today, deciding to develop my skill to self-heal myself through balancing my energy lead me back to further exploration of “Qi” energy. And here is the great video I watched on that. 1

As you see, the video seems to be a really old one and the men appearing in the video seems to be from the first round of Westerners, who must have gone to learn about “Qi” energy. And the man in the video sounds totally skeptical of the existence of “Qi” energy.

But I believe in the existence of “Qi” energy and the question for me is notDoes Qi energy really exist?“, but “How can I learn to regulate and balance my Qi energy?

And what’s your opinion/attitude on this topic?


Feel good! 


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