One Action towards your Desire a Day

Hello dear Desire Manifesters

While chilling on my bed, I just found a very good video for those, who believe in taking concrete actions towards one’s desire rather than believing in spiritual tools such as the focus tool I posted right before this one. And here is how Colleen McCulla explains her technique. 2

If you ask my opinion, this technique really works! In fact, the whole Hermosa manifestation originated from my intention to learn German. Last year when I was working fulltime, I had needed an anchor that would bring me back to German language every day even on a small scale. So while searching for such an anchor, on 19th of August, 2015 (notice exactly 11 months ago), I came up with the idea of creating a German language blog where I would copy and paste one German joke a day and memorize the new words in the joke and study the sentence structures.

Then since starting that German blog, for 3 months, I didn’t miss a single day. However, later when Hermosa became the focal point of my attention, I decided to close down the German blog. And when I nurtured Hermosa, especially in the beginning, I intended to make at least one post a day and it really worked! Now see how far Hermosa has come along?

So having been reminded of the technique, now I am asking myself where in my life I could apply this technique…

Perhaps I should try in areas where I am totally lacking the desire, such as cooking interesting dishes, learning German language, etc…

Or perhaps I should apply in areas where I am burning with the desire, but don’t know where to start, such as sketching, animation creation, movie-production, fashion design, dress-making, etc…


So what do you think? Where should I apply the technique?

Feel good! 


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