I HAVE! – The Right Statement

How about manifesting our hearts’ desires with the right statement? In below video, you will learn why saying “I want” is the wrong thing to say and why saying “I HAVE!” is the right one for effective manifestations. So please take the time to watch the short video below. 2

Coming to my personal experience, I have come across this concept many times before, but it never really stuck into my mind. That’s why I have written stories like “I want roses” and “I Want Money, I Want So Much Money“. However, regardless of my wrong statement, the former desire did come true and now I want to perpetuate such gifts. 12

As for the latter desire, I still have some mental shifting to work out. But it’s alright as things I want always manifest very accurately, sometimes very fast.

So in short, by posting this video here with Hermosa‘s help, I hope to really stick this “I HAVE!” concept into my mind this time. And I trust that you do too.


Feel good! 



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