Transcendental Meditation for enjoying the full potential of life

Ever since I started meditating I have been curious about how many different types of meditation exist. But it seems like all the existing types don’t matter as long as I practice Transcendental Meditation. How so? 

Well, upon a little research I have found out that this meditation type called Transcendental Meditation is backed up by hundreds of scientific studies and it is becoming a fast-spreading life-tool among creatively successful people, some of whom you see on the header photo of this article. And in below video, those celebrities share their life-transforming experiences with Transcendental Meditation1

And if you wish to have the overview of this meditation technique, please go ahead and watch below introductory video. 2

In an nutschell, this is how Maharishi teacher, who introduced Transcendental Meditation to the West, described this technique. 2


And below are my favourite quotes on this meditation technique.



So that was me sharing with you my latest discovery and I hope that we all can try  Transcendental Meditation soon!


Feel good! 



  1. A sweet post. I too love my TM practice and I think it’s great that there are so many studies affirming the health benefits of the practice AND all the wildly famous folks to practice this AND I think it’s even more beautiful that there are folks like me, not celebs, not terribly motivated by studies and research, (though it is very important to some) who love the practice, do it regularly and are experiencing the direct results of TM. For me that means a much better handle on my emotions, deeper connection to my beloveds in my life, more curiosity, clarity and plain old comfort-ability in my own skin. It helps me be a better person – how good it that?? The best!

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