Scientist explains Meditation the Best!

So did you think that meditation was some out-of-this-wordly thing practiced by Tibetian Buddhists and Indian Gurus? Well, I have to admit that until recently that was my belief about meditation.

And over the months, seeking my full potential lead me to take up meditation some 3 weeks ago and I am yet to see a tangible change in myself… Well, here I should note that over the last 4 days, 4 of my upper Chakras have become active (lower 3 were active previously), but I am yet to see HOW that improves me and my experiencess…


Curious about what might be on the horizon, I set out to explore more about meditation and here is one golden explanation by a Metaphysicist on the ins and outs of meditation that I have truly treasured. 1

Me being a non-believer in extreme spiritual livings like those of Tibetian Buddhists and Indian Gurus, I found this scientific explanation of meditation extremely believable. Therefore, now I would like to encourage my follow “non-believers” to take 40 mins to watch this video. And if you find yourself still resisting, I have to tell you that you might miss the best investment of 40mins in your life!

So please go ahead and enlighten your mind by watching above video!


Feel good! 


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