Loving someone, whom you’ll never see..


Yesterday I wrote above post on my Facebook timeline and off I shifted majority of my Facebook activities to Hermosa‘s page. But regardless of me making the announcement, no immediate additional following was achieved. And I wonder why… 

After being active for about a month on Facebook, I have established some great friendships on Facebook with people from all over the world, who appreciate beauty and enjoy the life. And there has been a great mutual appreciations for one another. See below as an example. 1


And by now, I see that some of my Facebook friends are getting strongly attracted to my character… And of course, the feeling is mutual at my end… Also there are a few men, who seem to truly see the feminine beauty in me… For example, here is a man, who has decided to send me a greeting every morning. How sweet!!! 


And there are others, to whom I look up to. Below is an example of such an idol. 2


The post I sent to him is this and he is my spiritual idol.

So why all of this? 

Well, ever since I became active on Facebook, I can’t stop falling for people, whom I have never met and they fall for me too…


And now that I have decided to shift my activities to Hermosa‘s page, the question is “How do I make my Facebook friends fall for Hermosa too?” Judging by the unflattering post reactions on Hermosa‘s Facebook page, it seems that majority of my friends have been liking my Shares more for me than the post itself… But my goal is not to create a fan base for myself, but to get people enjoy the riches of beauty and knowledge that Hermosa has to offer…

So how can I make my Facebook friends love someone, whom they will never see? Anyone has an idea? 


Feel good! 


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