You create your own reality. But HOW?


finger-pointing-up This must be something that you have heard many times before. But do you really understand what it means? I, for one, hadn’t until quite recently. In essence, we create our realities through our thoughts and emotions. How so? The scientific and spiritual processes and demonstrations will be presented here in the days to come, but for now below video is a great place to get started. 2

Since understanding that I create my own realities through my thoughts and emotions, I am still in the process of imprinting this knowledge down to my DNA level. It takes a while, but I am gradually getting there…

And it’s not easy, you know… Remember how you try to not think during meditation, but your mind keeps shooting fireworks of thoughts in different directions? But practice makes it perfect, so sooner or later I will get excellent at directing with my thoughts and emotions, hence have a direct influence in what manifests in my reality.


Feel good! 



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