The Rice Experiment of Consciousness

Today I would like to share an interesting experiment of Consciousness with you. The experiment was inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto‘s water crystal experiment, with which I assume that you are familiar with. If not, press here to watch the brilliant experiment.

The rice experiment video that I want to share with you speaks for itself, so simply play below video for how Consciousness is affected by our thoughts and words. 2

Are you convinced by the experiment? 

If you ask me in return, I am totally convinced because I believe in the water crystal experiment. In fact, these days I am “blessing” water with good thoughts whenever I drink it or shower with it.


And this rice experiment shows me that I should “bless” my food as well…


And how about you? Do you believe that words have power? If yes, are you consciously trying to keep negative thoughts and words out of your mind? 

Feel good! 


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