Life is about…

What is the life about? This is one of the biggest questions for mankind. The last time I asked this question, below quote kept appearing in my experience and for a while, I thought I had believed in it.


But when it came to asking Linda to make a picture and quote combination, I couldn’t bring myself to making the request to her. And that’s because it didn’t feel 100% right to me. Being a practical person, I like destinations and goal-achievements as much as I like journeys and adventures. So I thought maybe I should modify the quote and create my version of it…

Then this morning I found below quote and it feels so right!


It feels right because my life has to be about me, isn’t it? Why does it have to be about a journey or a destination?

So from now on, for me, life is about me, about creating what I want, about creating whoever I want to create out of myself and about creating whatever experiences I want to create in my life! 

Magic woman

Feel good! 


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