Prince EA – A Spoken Word Artist

Good day world,  giphy

Today I discovered another awesome humanbeing named Prince EA. Wikipedia defines him as “an American Spoken word artist and YouTuber, known for discussing topics like politics, sociality, environmentalism and life issues.” About 3 weeks ago, I came across below video on Facebook, and I liked it and shared it with my friends. 2

When I watched the video, I had liked it as a great speech. Then 4 days ago it appeared in my Facebook Home feed again, so I reshared it and wrote “I can share this one again and again.

Then this morning, below video appeared in my Facebook Home feed. 2

Then I recognized the guy! He was the same guy as the one from the great speech! So I did a bit of research and found out that he is a rising star, following his calling to grow the world through motivational and inspirational content.

If you are curious to watch more of his videos, visit his Youtube channel, by clicking here. And to subscribe to his Facebook page, click here.

And at my end, I am so happy that such awesome people exist!


Feel good! 


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