Mission, Vision & How It All Began

Yesterday we learned from David R. Hawkins that alignment is a very important factor in any type of relationship. And as you see, Linda, Hermosa and I have a very sweet relationship. So after watching David R.Hawkins‘ “Alignment” talk, we three had a quick Skype meeting to discuss our alignment; and as the result of the meeting, we decided to align our relationship with the following mission:

To raise the humanity’s consciousness level.” (Do you recall the scale of consciousness?)

Also, we set a vision for Hermosa to gradually become a POSITIVE MEDIA. Accordingly, we updated our tagline from a treasure chest to a positive media. Did you notice? 

To look back, our Hermosa has come along a long way… To tell you how it all started, it all started with the following blog post on another professional blog I had back then. On 17th of November, 2015, I posted the following post on that blog. 2

I found my “gift”

gift-copyEnormous thanks to the American comedian Steve Harvey, I found my gift. In his book “Act like a success, think like a successSteve claimed that every single soul has a gift and encouraged us to find it. In specific, he claimed “Your gift is the single thing that you do at your absolute best with the least amount of effort.” Further he clarified it as “Your gift is something that is connected to you whether you are working or vacationing, whether you are with the family or even all alone. … Your gift is not your talents. In fact, what we do well sometimes blocks us from finding out what we do great. … After you identify your gift and decide to use it, your gift will lead to the fulfillment of your life’s purpose and mission. … I guarantee that your whole life will have new meaning and direction when you recognize your gift and decide upon the most valuable way to use it.” 

When I read it, first time ever it occurred to me that I could have a gift, and I tried to find it by brainstorming different characteristics and skills of mine, but none seemed to hit the target. Then I sent the screenshot of the page with above sentences to my near and dear ones, and asked them what could be my gift. Soon my Mr.Special called me with great excitement and announced that he has found my gift. He explained my gift with a striking example from our very first date. And what I heard terribly excited me too and sounded like 95% close to the target. Then after hanging up the phone, all I needed was to properly phrase his finding and my gift read as “Achieving a worthy goal.”

As I looked at the phrase, I saw it everywhere in my life, almost in all of my actions. It is the very thing that makes me come alive, gives me the energy to “move mountains” and deeply gladdens my heart and soul. Having found it feels like a very big thing like finding out the secret of life.

Then at my first chance, I helped my little sister Linda to find her gift and hers read as “To earn love and respect”. Again this gift of hers is felt in her every action, and as a result everyone who meets her at least ends up liking her very much. Having found our gifts, we are trying to consciously utilize our gifts for great goodness, and what she has initiated with the knowledge has already started to amaze me.” The End.

Having been convinced that finding our Gifts will lead to Miracles in our life, five days later Linda and I gave birth to our Hermosa‘s “Gifts & Miracles” blog. The early days of the blog was very basic, but now it is slowly morphing into a sophisticated positive media. So to encourage our sweet Hermosa to keep going, I have the following words for her.


Feel good! 


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