Overview of the Silva Method

Today’s Consciousness Exploration takes us to the Silva Method.

Have you heard of the Silva Method?

Maybe not. I hadn’t heard about it until around this time last year. The moment I heard a good reference about it from another author, I bought the audio version of it on Audible.com. Then I tried to listen to the book a few times, but it kept putting me into sleep. So I put it aside. And as it turns out, back then I hadn’t had the foundation knowledge to absorb the information given in the book.

Over the weekend, while I was watching Christie Marie Sheldon‘s videos, on one of her videos, she attributed her psychic and healing skills development to the study and practice of the Silva Method. Then I knew that I had to get back to the book. And for the last 3 days I am praciticing the exercises in the book and I thought you may want to try as well.

So in case you are curious what this method is all about, watch below video for the overview. 2

Finally, I trust that you are interested in developing your “magic” skills. If so, look no further than this book! If you want to buy the paperback version, click here to buy from Amazon.com. And if you want to read it in different languages, look below for what language translations exist.  2


Feel good! 


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