My next speech: Science & Spirituality Marriage

You know, ever since I became a Toastmaster and heard several fellow Toastmasters‘ speeches, one thing became crystal clear in my mind and that is “I don’t want to talk about myself over and over again!” Even at contest speeches, most Toastmasters spoke about themselves, their families or their work. And as much as I was interested in getting to know them, I secretly wished to hear something beyond the day-to-day life.

But when I gave my first speech, I had no choice because ice-breaker speech has to be about who we are and what we have been up to. So I delivered that, and after that I could set my sight higher. And as I am a big-picture-oriented person, I naturally wanted to understand what this whole Toastmasters experience is all about.


And based on what I was able to dig out from two monthly Toastmasters magazines, I found out that Toastmasters transforms those, who incorporates it into their lifestyles.  

So that was good to know, and in my 2nd speech, I called my fellow Toastmasters to live Toastmasters as a lifestyle! And if I believe in something, I don’t stop at talking about it–I take an immediate action. So I took below picture when it felt like my fellow Toastmasters seemed to be really enjoying the Toastmasters‘ lifestyle.  2


Then I shared this and other photo on club and division Facebook groups to communicate my motto to others, who hadn’t read or heard my speech… In any case, I had a total blast in studying the topic of my 2nd speech, writing about it, and delivering the speech, etc… (Oh by the way, if you want to hear my 2nd speech titled “Charity begins at home“, click here.)

Then the morning after delivering my 2nd speech, my mind asked me “What next?” Then it answered its own question by saying, “I want to study how science marries spirituality!“. It sounded like a super interesting and worthy subject to explore and learn, so I told my mind “Go ahead!

So these days I am collecting the information for my 3rd speech, that’s why you suddenly see a lot of posts on supernatural stuff.


Apparently, science and spirituality do marry! See below quote of Nikola Tesla2


And I should give credit to the man, who gave me idea for the 3rd speech. It was Gregg Braden‘s below talk that got me thinking. 2

Finally, I would like to tell you that I have decided to treat my Toastmasters‘ speeches as an opportunity to explore and study interesting topics. Accordingly, the 3rd speech will summarize the findings of my research on how science marries spirituality and it will be titled “Happily Ever After“. And in my 4th speech, I want to explore 3D printing, so I chose the title “The Future of 3D Printing“.

Sounds interesting?

Then stay tuned! I am planning to deliver a speech at every other club meeting. That means almost once a month. So see you soon!


Feel good! 



  1. The Ice Breaker speech for the 21st of July has a begining,middle, and a end. The title is written backwards because if it is against the rules, don´t decieper it, gnissik,nac teg uoy otin elbuort!

  2. […] And when I shared a link regarding my next speech and told him “Same goes for my Toastmasters experience as well”, I thought he would understand the message in that story, which is “When I am in the public, I don’t like to talk about trivial matters.” But appearantly it seemed that he couldn’t get the message. Please read the following story and see if I was really that unclear about my message:  […]

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