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The Greatness of Napping

Today I felt the greatness of napping in the afternoon. When I woke up, I felt pleasantly refreshed, recharged, happy, clear minded and energized; felt like I can do anything.

When I was studying in China, “午睡”afternoon nap was a custom to my Chinese classmates and friends. But I never was a napper during day, I always wanted to be productive and tried to accomplish more things in the afternoon. That case I can go to bed early in the evening, which means I can get up early in the morning. I told myself and felt, if I go to bed late, my eyes feel heavy, brain doesn’t work well in the next day, also not good for my health and beauty. However today I realized the truth of below quote.


Do you nap in the afternoon?

Not all of us do have own rooms with couches like Don Draper has (Mad Man television series),


nor futuristic sleeping pods in the office,


however we do have time of feeling sleepy and tired,

jga image001


So please do yourself a favor & take a nap whether it’s after a busy morning, staring at a computer screen all morning, or refreshing your mind and body. Even Buddha takes a nap. 🙂


Enjoy Life! 


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