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A Shift for Cooperation

Two days ago I watched below video of Gregg Braden, and hearing what he has to explain about Competition vs. Cooperation, I felt a huge invisible iceberg shift inside me. iceberg

The first evidence of the shift occuring was for me to post below quote on my Facebook timeline with the description “My before-after truth. How do you like it? 🙂 “.


Red_Flag_animationAppearantly, the concept didn’t resonate with many people as only three people “liked” it. But that didn’t matter to me because posting this quote on my timeline was my way of saying that I have concurred this iceberg! 

So what is this iceberg thing about? 

Well, it’s a huge one, and to the top of it I had been climbing all my life. If I had any success or failure in life, it is largely due to this iceberg of competition. And you know, because I had been climbing up this iceberg for so long, it almost always felt like the way of life. But lately it had started feeling wrong. Even any the words that implied the iceberg had started feeling wrong and the examples are words like “Winning” or “Champion”.

But on the other hand, until the above words of Gregg Braden enlightened me, I hadn’t consciously sought out with what I should replace my old way of life. So when I saw what I needed (meaning Cooperation), I immediately embraced it and posted my “flag” on the Facebook.

And you know what happened after that?

Instantly, awesome people started making their way into my existence one after the other. So from now on, by visiting our “Awesome People” corner, you can get endless inspirations and ideas from people, who we think are TRULY AWESOME! To see the current crowd, press here.

Feel good! 


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