We Miss Linda!

We miss Linda! Hermosa and I do! Maybe our other blog-friends do too…. For those, who don’t know, she and her family keeps having back-to-back holidays around North America. The other day they did come home for 2 days, but that was too short for Linda to spend any quality time with Hermosa.

So Hermosa and I keep missing her and waiting for her patiently

By the way, today I unofficially introduced Linda to my Facebook fan-friends and she got instant recognition. See the header picture above. PointingfingerUp-animation

And below are two of the many real-time photos that she has been sending me throughout her long holidays.

Here she is surfing over the sharks… finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Here she was walking along the seashore at sunrise… finger-pointing-down-animation-gif


Do you like them?  facebook_like_animated_logo_dark_small

Feel good! 



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