Tonight will go down in history…

Tonight will go down in history, in my life history… Tonight is the night when all the dots in my life connected… As I write this post, my hands are slightly shaking because of the powerful vibrations running throughout my body…

If you know my weekly schedule, tonight was the singing class night. But somehow I didn’t feel like going there, instead I found myself going to that cozy terrace corner at the Mövenpick hotel.

When I entered the hotel lobby, the air in the lobby smelled good. As I walked towards the washroom, the air smelled even better. And as I walked further into the corridor end with the washroom, I noticed that the trail of the smell coincided with my path; and as soon as I entered the washroom, I realized that the washroom was the place where the great smell was coming from.

So I got happy in the washroom and then moved towards the terrace. The last time I was there, a waiter was walking around with a chocolate offering, but this time the service was even better. Next to the terrace entrace, there stood a tall table full of chocolate offerings and a barman stood next to him.

With a smile of delight on my face, I ordered a cup of cappucino, helped myself with a few sweets and sat on the terrace sofa. And when I sat down on the sofa, this is how my table looked. 2


Then I just chilled. My coffee arrived and I sipped it while enjoying a bite of delicious sweet every now and then. Sitting in the quietness and tranquility of the terrace alone, I continued enjoying my audiobook while finding new treasures on Facebook and shared with my fan-friends.

For instance, I posted below picture of the Hermosa-color flower and wrote the line “A simple beauty in front of me 🙂 “. And my fan-friends from all over the world instantly started liking and commenting on it.


Sitting on that terrace sofa was comfy, so comfy. So I decided to do my daily 15min meditation right there. Not counting the two interruptions of door usage, I could stay focused, very focused on the faint noise of an air conditioner coming from somewhere in the distance. Sometimes the faint noise mixed with wind, but most of the time it hummed just alone.

After I finished the meditation, my body got even more chill. So I lied down on the sofa. See here. 1


Then after over an hour of happiness there, I went out and walked around Europe Allee–my favourite neighborhood in Frankfurt. During my 2 hours of walking and sightseeing around Europe Allee, I saw many beautiful things and thought many beautiful thoughts.

Then suddenly, an idea flew into my mind and I got thunderstruck. I got struck by the idea so strongly that my whole being is still shaking and vibrating now after over two hours. And that idea connected all the dots of what I have been up to today and clarified the starting point of the massive creations I have in my mind’s eye for future.

So from this point onwards, my creations will tangibly unfold and unfold so beautifully!


Feel good! 


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