Stars Are Born @ Toastmasters

The last club meeting started out differently, very differently because most of the senior leaders were absent and we had a few new guests present. When the senior leaders are missing, the room always feels like a family with missing parents. And if you add to those “children’s presence” a few guests from outside, the energy of the room feels a bit puzzling… at least to me.


But as it turned out those were the moments when the proverb “Darkest hour is just before the dawn” was to be proven right and the rest of the story will show you how.

As per Toastmasters system, the Club President opens every meeting. But if the Club President is absent, then the responsibility rests with the Vice President Education. But at the last meeting, both of these senior leaders were absent…

So what did we do?

Well, Klaus, our Toastmaster of the evening, found an immediate solution and I saw Craig coming up on the stage to open the meeting. And as soon as I heard Craig speak, my mouth opened wide with “WOW”. I was “WOW” for two reasons and the first is that since he joined our club recently, Craig hadn’t had a time or chance to deliver his ice-breaker speech yet. Nevertheless, he walked up to step into the President‘s shoes and that was a big “WOW” to me.

And the second “WOW” was his voice that made everybody freeze in time and listen to his every single word with utter connection. What’s interesting was that it was the same voice that he had spoken to me/us for all this time. But the moment I heard his voice on the stage, I recognized it as Morgan Freeman‘s voice. So if you’re curious about how Craig‘s voice sounds like, quickly play below short video. 1

But the pleasure I got from listening to Craig’s voice didn’t stop there as he was invited by Oliver, who was the Table Topic Master of the evening, to give a table-topic speech later during the meeting. And when Craig spoke again, so much love came out of his being and filled up the room.


I believe that the question Oliver posed to Craig was “What qualities/values should the young people of the new generation be taught?” or something similar, and below video presents how Craig responded with his loving words. 2

So to sum up my “WOW”s over Craig, stars must be constantly born at Toastmasters and that night I definitely saw one being born

By the way, at the next club meeting, Craig is going to be the Toastmaster of the evening. So if you want to see Young Morgan Freeman in action, come to our club meeting on the 6th of July! For more details click here.

If you have never been to a Toastmasters meeting, our meetings are highly educational as much as they are so much fun. And that night, there were two educational speeches and one humorous speech. To give you a taste of an educational speech, here is one delivered by Oliver that night. 1

As you see, his speech started with an introduction by a fellow Toastmaster (her name is Birgit) and that’s the custom for all prepared speeches. Then after the speech is delivered, the same person who made the speaker’s introduction evaluates the speech (click here to watch Birgit‘s evaluation) and provides feedback for further improvement. And that’s one of the secrets why we get better and better from one speech to the next.

As for Oliver‘s speech “Body Beats Brain”, the lesson taught was very insightful and practical to me. In short, through this speech, he gave us the tips and tricks for beating our brain with one effective technique and that is, in times of fear or stress, to recall a time when we felt most courageous or comfortable, then let the feeling permeate throughout our body. And once a feeling of courage and comfort is flooding throughout our body, the brain has no choice, but to surrender.

And another educational speech delivered by Barbara was “The Toastmaster’s promise – What is it all about?” In effect, when we join Toastmasters, we promise to keep the following promises and they essentially represent what Toastmasters‘ experience is all about. 2

Toastmasters promise

So these were the highlights of our last club meeting and I trust that you are one of the stars that are yet to be born in our club or in any other club around the world. To locate the closest club near you, click here.

Feel good! 


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