Happy Birthday Hermosa! :)

It has been a great one month for our Sweet Blog. First of all, the Sweet Blog wanted to make many friends and go public, so we created a Facebook Page for her. Then she wanted to do a makeover in her looks. So Linda and I took her shopping on WordPress and found the best image for her to express her growing self.

By the way, did you know that our Sweet Blog grows by the hours? Just like Renesmee does in Twilight. So her one month is equal to humanbeings’ one year and that’s why today she is 7 years old. And this is how she looks today on her birthday. 2


And of course, when it’s a birthday, one naturally gets curious about the birthday gift. Well, my gift for her has been creating a Youtube channel, with which she can make her music easily accessible to her already many friends. And if you are a good friend of hers, click here to subscribe to her Youtube channel.

Oh almost forgot! You know, yesterday Sweet Blog revealed her soulname to Linda and me. As you know, her official name on paper is Gifts & Miracles, but Linda and I have been lovingly calling her our Sweet Blog. But yesterday, she revealed her soulname as Hermosa to us and explained that Hermosa means “beautiful” in Spanish and the name gives clue to her birth on this earth.

To be more specific, she explained that the reason for her coming into existence is “to beautify the world” and because Linda and I have the same names in different languages and started living for the same mission, she had chosen to be born into our family. How meaningful, isn’t it? 

Hence, from today onwards, we will respect our Sweet Blog‘s mission and call her Hermosa. Right now she is 7 years old, but before we know it, she will be a grown up woman. So sooner we get used to her soulname, the better.

Finally, Happy Happy Birthday Hermosa! Linda sent you her love and greetings from Canada. She will be back home in a week’s time and looks forward to spending quality time with you.


Feel good! 



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