I Want Money, I Want So Much Money

I want money. I want so much money. It has been a while since I earned real big money like I used to earn before. So I want money because I deserve to have so much money in every way.

When I earned so much money before, I used to give away almost all that is left after covering my very comfortable lifestyle. So I want to get back to my very comfortable lifestyle and I want to get back to sponsoring worthy causes.

When I had so much money coming into my life all the time before, I used to fly away on a holiday anytime I wanted to. I owned my own home and I earned it so easily. And also I used to wear the best dresses, shoes and handbags that money could buy. So I want all of those nice “wearables” back. I want them back because they are so beautiful and because they make powerful statements. 

And I want so much money because I want to create beautiful things in the world. I want to design, produce and mass-market beautiful dresses, accessories, household products, office products, furniture, buildings and mini-islands. I want to do all of these because it will be so much fun to do all of these beautiful creations. 

When I create these beautiful creations, I will make them differently. I will create creations with an edge. The edge will come from artistic inspirations and technological advancements. Combining the two, the result will be bombastic! Wrong word? Then how about eye-catching, heart-throbbing and knee-softening? The combination of the three words is bombastic in my vocabulary. So yeah! I want to create bombastic creations.

And of course I will keep giving away to those who are deserving. I will keep giving away because I wasn’t born with a “tight pocket” in the first place. So that part of the money expenditure is taken for granted for sure.

And there are many other reasons why I want so much money, but these are the top 3 reasons that I can tell off the top of my head right now.

Why write this story? 

Well, it’s not a story, not like the ones I wrote before. But it is an order, an official order that I am placing with the Universe.

Remember how I wanted a bouquet of roses, but the Universe arranged to get me million roses?

So it’s the same thing. And the only difference is that it’s not a request this time, but an order, an official order. So all I need to do now is to sit and wait, expecting my so much money to be delivered to me like an Amazon order.


Feel good! 



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