Home Spa of a Shampoo

Do you like spa treatment? Would you like to have a spa treatment at home every day? If yes, I have found exactly what you need.

2 days ago I bought above revitalizing fresh shampoo of L’Occitane and I just had a chance to wash my hair with it now. And when I washed with it, “Bang!” I discovered a miraculous product. The moment I applied the shampoo unto my hair, my head started tingling with its mint effect. Oh boy, it felt good! And it has been 15 minutes since I washed my hair and now sitting here with my hair wrapped with a towel, I can still feel the tiny tingles in my head…

For those who haven’t yet used this product, I can best compare it to a toothpaste. You know, how refreshing it is to cleanse your mouth and teeth with a minty toothpaste? So it feels that refreshing all around my head right now.

By the way, I know another miraculous product, which does the same magic to body. And that one is Rituals body scrub salt below. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

Rituals body scrub

The first time I used it, my knees went soft. It is that good!

So if you can’t afford the time and money to go to spa every day, I suggest that you bring above 2 products home and you’ll enjoy an amazing spa-treatment in the comfort of your own home.

HOme spa

Feel good! 


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