Miss Mirage

The moment I walked into the Ember bar/lounge at Jumeirah Frankfurt Hotel, the first thing that caught my attention was her. She was sitting at the bar surrounded by two men, who appeared to be her bodyguards. The two were dressed in silver suits with orange highlights and they added flavour to the scene around the lady with the Flamenco dress…

There was only one word to describe the lady with the Flamenco dress and the word was “tantalizing“…  If it weren’t for the body guards protecting her, she would have been kidnapped by the first man, who saw her that night… She looked that tantalizing

I sat on a cozy sofa in the far corner of the bar and watched her…


I watched her carefully to figure out what made her steal the whole scene and make herself the center of the spotlight… I watched and watched and then concluded that she had mastered the art of speaking through her body…

Every gesture that she gave away was a verbal cue in itself, and picked up fast enough, the cues formed into powerful proses… But when she stood up to dance, the proses transfigured into beautiful poetry... And here is a shot I took when she moved up to the center stage…


To recite what I still recall from her grooving poetry, she transmitted the following lines for sure:

“I own this beautiful body, so it is up to me to display and tease… Men are slaves to beauty, that means they are slave to me… I am not to be owned by anyone, not even the richest of Kings… Call me Miss Mirage if you like ’cause I won’t stay around for long… I tease your eyes and torture your mind, but if you try to touch me, I disappear into thin air… And when I disappear, men miss me forever…” 

So that was my brief encounter with Miss Mirage yesterday, and this is how she looked up close.


Feel good! 


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