A Treasure Found on Facebook

It has become almost a morning routine for me to go treasure-hunting on Facebook every morning and this morning I found below treasure named “Revival“. So far I have played it over and over again for almost 30 times and I just had to share this beautiful piece of Michael Bush with you. finger-pointing-down-animation-gif(Otherwise, I think I’m going to explode here.)

Usually, because I am a highly visual person, I don’t really connect to pure music when there is no lyrics, picture or video to translate the music into visuals for me. And I think, because the life scenes in above piece are so beautifully created, captured and put together, I really deeply connected to this piece of beauty… Look at the flying and playing birds and bees… the breathing and dancing flowers and trees…

By the way, last night I had a Bee Guest, who slept over at my place. He arrived around 7pm in the evening, but because I had to rush to my Toastmasters club meeting, I was not able to host him. So I went to my club meeting, came back and sat here until almost 2 am in the morning (the whole time without a recollection of the Bee Guest).

Then around 5am in the morning, my guest started flying around and woke me up with his wing noises. To date, I have hosted several interesting flying guests in this apartment, but never a Mr.Bee. I think, he decided to pay a visit because, thanks to Asim bey, who gave me a million rosesmy home smells like a Roseland and Mr.Bee must have been attracted by the arousing fragrance…

And because the window was open the whole time since he came in, I wondered why he hadn’t left until then and why he didn’t make any noise last night when I was sitting quiet at the desk… Then thinking that he must have wanted to leave at his convenience, I put earplugs in my ears and went back to sleep…

Then around 6am I woke up again somehow and this time I escorted Mr.Bee outside. And as his visit was so unexpected, I couldn’t personally do anything for him. But I hope that he enjoyed flying around my drying roses and was able to collect some pollen.

So now, I would like to present Mr.Bee without further ado and let him speak for himself.

Mr.Bee, welcome on stage! hand_applause

Feel good! 






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