Should I Smoke a Cigar?

Two days ago I went to an interesting get-together organized by InterNations‘ “Frankfurt Cigars, Drinks & Dinner Group“. Here is the event information. 2

Enjoying a good cigar togetherFor me, it was the first cigar lounge experience ever. The reason that I went to this event is that, if you’ve been following my blog posts, lately I am really into chilling at 5-star hotel facilities and also I want to learn to play piano. So when I saw above event announcement, I took it as an opportunity to check out another 5-star hotel facilities and also listen to live piano play (which takes place everyday at Jimmy’s Bar between 10pm and 3 am).

When I got to Jimmy’s Bar, first it was awkward. Inside the bar, there were several groups of 2-3 people and I didn’t know, which group was the InterNations group. So I sat at a bar stool, feeling uneasy about being alone. And it took me about 15-20mins to access the hotel wifi and check out the event page to see who in the bar looked like the pictures on the event page.

Then I found them, joined them and all was well after that. Among the event participants, I met two people with very very unique professions–one was a Sleep Doctor and another was a Winetasting Organizer. Do you also think that they are very unique professions? I think they are and if it wasn’t for InterNations, perhaps I would never meet such professionals!

We talked, got to know each other and I felt very comfy in the company of those people. But after sometime, they all excused themselves one by one and I remained alone at our table. But that was fine, because by that time I had warmed up to the bar already. The bar interior was elaborate and the guests seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Have a look here. 2

Then sitting there alone, I enjoyed the live piano play. Here are 2 pieces from the night and also their counterparts that I found on YouTube.

Another day in paradise… 2

Something stupid..2

And because I liked the ambience of Jimmy’s Bar, I need an excuse to go there again… And also the place I plan to practice my piano skills is another Cigar Bar at Frankfurter Hof Steigenberger hotel. So I’m thinking, “Should I learn to smoke a cigar so that I have a reason to be sitting in those cigar bars?…”  

Normally, smoking is something I sweared not to do in this lifetime… But maybe cigar could be an exception… At least, it looks seductive when a woman has one in her mouth!

Look here. 2



Feel good! 



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