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My Ipsy Glam Bag Collection

I love Michelle Phan. I love her dream and passion for life. Today I received my 3rd ipsy glam bag since I subscribed to it.

We ladies often have difficulties with choosing the right beauty products that suit us. And to make the selection easier, in cooperation with the beauty product brands, Michelle Phan and her Ipsy team are working on creating product samples that are personalized for every single one of us.

They thought “It is great to try and know different brands’ different products before making an investment and facing uncertainty” and they are right! And the glam bag subscription costs only $10 a month.

I truly believe in Michelle Phan, so I naturally believe in and support Ipsy mission too. So far, I’have been very satisfied with what I’ve been able to experiment with through Ipsy, and here are what I received in my glam bags.

Dreamers – April Glam BagIMG_6734

Destination Chic – May Glam Bag


The motto is “Ready, Set, Adventure! Whether you’re hitting the road or enjoying a staycation, we want to hear all about it!”

Rebel Rebel – June Glam Bag



The concept is “Misfits. Rule breakers. Badass babes. The riot starts this June. We’re hitting the streets with serious sizzle and signature looks. Coloring outside of the lines is encouraged. Sitting on the side of the lines is not.”

And that’s all I received in my make up bags and I am very happy to present them to you. 🙂

Enjoy Life! 


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